Ervis Drekaj

oldschool web developer since the new century

Tourist and Travel Guide

The core of mans` spirit comes from new experiences.

I love to meet new people; my friends often have fun of me because of how "enough is never enough" for me but I do not quit - I infect my guests with my unique stories and innocent jokes. I am myself and not even me can change that; I am open hearted, open minded, playful, and I believe the greatest pleasure comes by within.

I have a passion for trying different food even why I forgot how was it called, and I like to explore places, nature, I love riding my Suzuki. I like music, I like humor, story-telling, story-writing... I was raised on the values that whoever is by my side, be it a friend a partner a lover - they shall feel special!

You can book me on the respective tourists/escorts platforms, or by e direct message from this very website. :)

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