Ervis Drekaj

oldschool web developer since the new century

Social Media

No one gives a damn about your social media persona

Been in Facebook since 2006, and long time ago I realized something: It was killing my individuality, me being different from others, me being unique. I was tired of entertaining people I didn’t care for, by being someone they didn’t care for, someone who I was not and never will be. I was tired of posing to get more likes on my pictures just like everyone else does. I was tired of taking a picture first and then eating the food that had been served in front of me. I was tired of seeing nature through the eyes of the camera`s lens. I was tired of asking people to give me attention. I was tired of flexing every new thing I just bought. I was tired of looking good by editing my pictures and applying filters. I was tired of hiding behind a screen just to talk to my classmates. I was tired of portraying myself as the happiest or the coolest or the saddest or the most suicidal guy next door. I was tired of editing pictures, of removing backgrounds, tired of adding sound effects, video effect… Tired of sending snaps, stickers, emojis… Tired of shortcodes, shortcuts… Tired of cellphone, cellscreen, celllights, cellbeeps…

I just wanted to be me. To do things that make me stand out.

I really feel bad for people who crave attention, who think their online so called friends actually care for them, who get “depressed” or “sad” if they don`t have enough likes or followers, who are extroverts on social media and introverts in real life, who do not understand the idiom “Everything that glitters is not gold”, who think that writing speeches about life and being unsafe sitting behind a screen - will solve any problem, who can go to the heights of posting half naked pictures, alcohol/hookah/weed/cigarette pictures, and musical videos...

I am done!
I am out!