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Wanna see more?

Lets have a trip and get the maximum of what nature provides.


Not far from the city of Shkoder, Boge is home to an impressive selection of attractions and experiences, making it well worth a visit. Local dinners, fresh air breathing, this village would make our trip uforgettable.


The natural beauty of Theth begins as soon as you pass the village of Boge, and does not end for as long as you stay in Theth. The National Park, The Blue Eye, Grunasi Waterfall; what are we waiting for?


If someone talks to you about something called Tamara, you will probably think of a pretty, young, and certainly European girl. In fact, it is this small village in the Alps, which has the beauty, freshness and charm of a young girl. A visit there will refresh your eyes with greenery, your lungs with fresh air, and your soul with peace.


A tour in Valbona Valley, a miracle of nature that shouldn’t be missed but needs to be visited at least once. That’s why I will arrange everything for you and all is left to do is to enjoy every moment of this tour.

Lumi i Shales

The River of Shale, is a tourist destination that is described by visitors as the pearl of Koman`s beauty, like Thailand of Albania. The blue color of the water and its clarity is characteristic of this river. Steep rocks, covered by trees and green plants seem to rise towards the sky to protect this beauty that nature has so generously offered for our eyes.