Ervis Drekaj

oldschool web developer since the new century


My human and professional profile

Luckily doing my job since the early days of the new century, I count to million lines of codes I`ve been typing for different clients. I started on 2005 on my alias Mysterio and getting recognized on 2006 thanks to the support of CodingTalk forum (disconnected), and this makes me technically the first web developer in my hometown.

During my career, I`ve worked on different offices for different customers and currently, I contribute on outsourced projects.

Growing up with trance music, I am a die hard fan of the genre inventor, Paul Oakenfold and the Goddes of Voices; Tiff Lacey.

My free time goes on riding my Suzuki, having a billiard game, or by writing my novels.

My progress during the years

9953 billiard games
2944350 lines of codes
506 sleepless nights
2 anti-covid doses
59 lovers
111100 kilometers ride
1003 written articles
36578 screen hours
329 websites
16 surgeries
8 web apps
8 holiday states
24 cellphones
2 driving licenses
50 accommodated tourists
2900 quora answers
16.4 years roman catholic
14422 glasses of Skenderbeg
4 motorbikes